Thursday, January 12, 2012

Angry Birds

Carebear and B-Man's Uncle gave them a tablet as a gift last year and along with the tablet a funny little game called Angry Birds.

I had only heard of this game from the parody music video by a group called The Key of Awesome, and had no first hand experience with the game. Carebear fell in love right away and although she didn't understand at the time how to work the tablet or what the object of the game was, she loved to watch the birdies fly!

She caught on to how to make the birds launch from the sling shot pretty quick (although in the wrong direction). She still loves to send the birds flying the wrong way, but has recently discovered the joy of what happens when you send the birds the RIGHT way!
You get to hit the pigs!
What's crazy is watching how she handles the tablet! If you hand it to her, she'll turn it on, open the apps section and click on Angry Birds. We have other apps on there too and she'll pick and choose which ones she wants to play, open them up, minimize them, open another, flip through the open ones to go back and forth between them, close them and then open the internet, and hop onto to watch Gummy Bear! It's crazy to think that she just turned 2 and she can do all this without much effort. She's even showed US a few things about the tablet we didn't know! LOL
She loves to play Angry Birds and would play all day if she could! I've recently discovered that there are Angry Bird clips online that you can watch and so she's been watching them over and over and loves them!
Angry Bird Episodes

I'm always amazed at how good she is at the game and how she's managed to beat a few levels all by herself!
I can only imagine what her generation will be doing by the time she is my age!

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cdnkaro said...

Cute! I'm struggling with trying to find a balance with technology in our lives. While my kids' Dad has some undeniable genius when it comes to anything technological, and I would love for them to catch on to some of that, I also want to watch that it doesn't permeate every aspect of their lives, becoming an addiction. Who DOESN'T like angry birds? Lol