Monday, February 27, 2012

No blog post today :(

I'm feeling super sick :(
I hope this passes soon!!
I'll leave you all with a cute picture for today!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Car Daze

These days are we're all in a Cars Daze! 

Yes, Carebear has discovered Disney's Cars and now we are watching it over and over and over and over. And although I'm no strangers to watching Disney movies repetitively (thanks to my nieces and nephews) this is a whole new thing for me since it's my kids! LOL

Carebear has always loved things with wheels, be it cars, airplanes, trains or bikes! She's never been into dolls, Princesses or girly things, she loves to build, create and destroy!
So it just seems fitting that she'd love the movie Cars!
Buddy seems to like whatever Carebear likes these days since he has a fascination with her!
I'm not sure how long it will last but these days sure are Cars daze :)
Buddy in his sporty new car at his Grandma and Grandpa's!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

He can't eat that!!!

Being a first time Mom with no experience meant that poor Carebear had to suffer through all the crazy ideas of a first time Mom (please see Trial Child for more details).

I think back to some of the crazy things I thought HAD to be done or else Carebear could possibly DIE! I monitored what she ate, where she slept, how she slept, what she played with, what she wore, what she did! I was so paranoid and worried about every little detail, that when I look back on that time, I shake my head and wonder what I was thinking.

Being exhausted with a baby that didn't sleep much and not having the faintest idea what I was doing meant that Carebear often didn't do things till much later in life.

I find it truly amazing how different I treat Buddy compared to Carebear when she was his age. I didn't sleep the first few months after Carebear was born because I was so paranoid I'd sleep through her waking up and needing me.
Buddy on the other hand, I slept in the hospital the night he was worries.

I was so gentle with Carebear, always afraid I'd break her, Buddy gets swung around like a sack of potatoes (a much loved sack just to be clear).

Yes the differences between the way I treat them is astounding. LOL

The biggest area that has changed is feeding! Carebear started infant cereals when she was 5.5 months old because I felt she needed a bit more than just milk. Once she started real solids though it was the 3 day waiting between each one to make sure there was no allergies. I washed and sanitized EVERYTHING all the time and had a special sponge to clean her stuff separate from our dishes. She wasn't allow anything with egg, real milk, strawberries, nuts, shell fish, or anything else that could possibly harm her!
I worried to the point that if we or anyone around her ate any of those things I'd ask them to wash their hands AND their faces (in case they kissed her).
I had nothing to base this on except what I had read and what I had read scared the crap out of me!
The talk about allergies was so big when I had Carebear that I was deathly afraid to feed her anything that I didn't prepare myself just in case there was cross contamination! I boiled and sterilized her bottles for well over a year! I only used name brand foods because they could mean better quality and would be safer!
It was a lot of stress and I was scared for her safety all the time!

Fast forward to Buddy! I learned a lot in those first 17 and a half months before Buddy was born! I learned to trust your Motherly instinct and that for every study that says you shouldn't there are an equal amount of studies that say you should!
For the most part you have to do what you feel is best and go with your gut!
I have been so much more relaxed with Buddy than I EVER was with Carebear! I sanitized his bottles for the first few months but then stopped, I clean them after each use but don't boil them any more.
He eats a non-name brand formula, he eats jarred baby food sometimes, he had eaten a few foods that aren't age appropriate without the 3 day wait and he smokes..kidding about that last one! LOL
I feed him whatever we're having for dinner just cut up in super tiny pieces and he loves it, that's something Carebear never got to experience till she was way older!
He's tried some foods that have other ingredients in them that are on the "no, no" list like egg! Eeck!
It's not that I don't care I just can see that those things don't bother him. He seems fine so far and I'll keep going with my gut and take his cues. He's not eating anything too complex but I'm not worried about the 3 day rule, and he eats whatever we're eating just a more plain version and it's not puréed!
I know, aren't I the worst Mommy in the world?
But it's funny how more relaxed we are with each child we have. I can understand now why my sisters complained about me all the time. Being the youngest of the 4 Glasgow Chicks by the time I was born my Mom must have been feeling the same way I do know, more relaxed and busy with other children that you don't put so many rules and regulations down! I know I got away with way more than my sisters ever did and I can see now why they didn't like me much! LOL
I can imagine when we have more children that I'll me so mellow and relaxed that I'll let our youngest get away with murder! LOL

It's amazing how different you are as you go along on this parenting journey!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Why I work where I work, and why I love it.

Not many people seem to understand why I have chosen to work where I do and so today I will take a few minutes to explain why I work where I work and why I love it!

I work at a fast food restaurant, I started with the company back in December 1999. It started as "just a job" to get me money but I soon fell in love with it. There are so many aspects of the job that keep bringing me back over the years but the number one thing is that the people I work with are like my family.
I've worked for 4 different locations over the years and each one has brought me a lot of joy but there is one location that I have been with the majority of my working years and it is the people that keep bringing me back.
I started at this location when my family moved away to England and things were falling apart in my life. The people I worked with became more than just friends they became my new family. They held my hand when I cried and laughed with me during the good times. Some of my best friends today are people I have met at this store.
The people there know me for me and so I can truly be myself at work, which I love! I love making people laugh, and I love joking with everyone. The highlight of my day is making someone smile. I've known some of the people at this store for over 12 years and we've shared so much of our lives together. What a better way to spend your day then with the people you care about?

I also get to work with my sister and although I'm sure she may feel differently I love it! Life's so busy sometimes that it's hard to make plans to get together so being able to see her at work is great! We can chat and keep up with each others lives. I enjoy the time I get to work with her!

I actually like the food we serve. Not only does it taste good but the quality is good too, which these days from a fast food store is hard to find! It's easy to sell a product you respect and like! It's not hard to be honest with the customers when they ask you your opinion on a product, which is nice :) Plus a discount card is a nice perk :)

Being a Mother Hen of two very active little chicks means you spend a lot of time being very tired LOL Since I've been doing this job for so long I know it like the back of my  hand and thus even when I'm half asleep because Buddy or Carebear have kept me up at night I can slide into work and hit auto pilot!

The unique thing about me is that I truly care. Some people just go to work because it's a job and they need the money but I am one of those weird people that genuinely cares about my work and the customers. Yes, it's only a fast food place but I take pride in how I work and where I work. I work my butt off to make sure that each customer receives the absolute best experience they can have!
I love to chat with each of the customers, asking them about their day, and love to joke around with them to make them smile. I always remind myself of what kind of customer service I would want to receive and give that experience to each customer. I find most really appreciate a kind voice, a chuckle and fast and efficient service! Even a grumpy person who is having a bad day seems to melt a bit when they get served by a genuinely happy,  polite person!
I always say, "Manners are free but they're priceless!". A bit of good manners never go wrong when they are sincerely meant, and I always sincerely mean them!

My job isn't just a job, it's so much more than that for me. Each shift I get to work with good friends, talk to people, share in their experiences, laugh, joke and feel like I'm apart of something.
I've been told over the years that I should aim higher, that I should get a "real" job, but that's what most don't understand. I love my job. I can go, do my job, have fun, then come home and that's the end of it!
There's nothing else to think about, no paper work to do once I'm home. I can be with my family fully!
I work part time and Mr. Rooster watches the kids when I'm at work, so we don't pay for daycare thus saving us a ton of money. I get to spend all day every day with my kids and since absence makes the heart grow fonder, the time I do spend with Mr. Rooster is a lot better!
So to any of you who always wondered why I'd pick a job that was "beneath" me I hope this clears a few things up.

I only wish you could love your job as much as I loved mine :)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Peer Pressure Potty Training

There are many aspects of parenting that I find challenging but the biggest one is the level of peer pressure that is on Mothers, from other Mothers!
It seems like each milestone has it's own level of peer pressure and a group of mothers standing behind it pushing!
The biggest one I've come across so far is potty training!
Ah yes, the big "PT"!
Ever since Carebear turned one I have felt the pressure starting to build. It started with her first potty being bought when she was 16 months old and has continued to build since then.
I've heard tales of children as young as one being fully potty trained and every time I get together with other Mom's the questions begin.
"Has Carebear started potty training?", "When is she going to use her potty?", "We've started potty training already, haven't you?".
I was told that potty training usually starts around 18 months so all my friends with kids around Carebear's age all started at that time. When Carebear turned 18 months I had a newborn at home and decided any extra energy should be going to him and not potty training, besides, she wasn't ready yet.
I felt so pressured to start potty training Carebear since all my friends were doing it.
Then when she turned two the question began to flow again, but we had just moved and it was Christmas, not exactly my ideal time to start such a challenging experiment.
Now this doesn't mean we weren't playing with the potty. Each day Carebear would sit on the potty and even have some success, we played on the potty and talked about it every day, but going full force (no diapers) wasn't on the charts yet, again, she wasn't really ready and neither was I.

The funny thing is that from all the Mothers that had "potty trained" their kids early, every one of those kids was back in diapers and they all admitted that their children maybe weren't quite as ready as they had thought.
The more and more I talk to Mothers of older kids, I'm finding that it's closer to 3 (if not after 3) that most kids are successfully potty trained and to me it makes sense. At 3 they can talk better and communicate their needs way better than a 2 year old can!

So were does this leave me on the "potty training" train? My theory is, as always, to follow your child's lead. When Carebear is ready to start potty training we will. We still sit on the potty a few times each day, she wears pull ups that help her feel when she's gone to the bathroom, and we talk about the potty all the time, but until she's really ready I'm not going to pressure her to do it. She will one day be out of diapers (it's not like she's still going to be wearing them when she's 20 LOL) so I'm not going to worry about it!
Besides, what's everyone's rush to get out of diapers! I've heard that it's so much easier, but really I don't see how it could possibly be easier until they get older!
Right now Carebear doesn't tell me all the time when she's got to go so I'd be constantly cleaning up mess after mess. Car rides would be awful because even if she went just before we left I know as soon as we get to the van and start driving she'd then have to go again! LOL
No, I think I'll wait till she is ready to use the potty and can communicate it to me!
Until then, we all need to peer pressure each other a bit less, and start to respect other Mom's decisions. We know what is best for our own child! We should be supporting one another not tearing each other down!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Now You're Tired?

My darling son is not a good sleeper! He wakes often and recently has decided he'd like to start his day around 3am! Hooray! Except that Mommy doesn't like to go to bed before midnight :( LOL
Carebear wasn't a good sleeper for the first year either, but the biggest difference was that all I had to do that first year was watch her, so if I was half asleep it wasn't too big of a deal. With having a baby that doesn't sleep, a very active toddler and working part time, it makes for a very different day. There's not a lot of down time to just relax and take it easy if I didn't get much sleep!
Mr. Rooster is great and helps when he can but with me working in the evenings and him having to get up at 4am for work that usually means I'm up with the baby during the night.
My whole point to this rant this morning is that it's now 8:30am and after being awake for several hours Buddy is NOW tired. He's looking at me with groggy eyes and like he's almost ready to pass out and all I can think is, "Sure, NOW you're tired! Couldn't be tired at 3am? Noooooo!"
I've tried so many things to help him sleep but I think his natural rhythm is to be awake during the night. It used to be from 1am -6am and lately that's changed and it's now from 3am to 8am! I wish that was an improvement but before he'd just wake often between 1-6am and now it's he's WIDE awake between 3-8am :(
We've got a great bedtime routine and both kids have no problems going to sleep, it's just the staying asleep that seems to be the problem.
The only thing that keeps me going is knowing that he WILL grow out of it! He will eventually sleep better at night. I'm just grateful that Carebear is sleeping through the night or else I'd go nuts!

Monday, February 20, 2012

I'm baaaaaaack!

So my blog has been down for a while now. We were all so sick and I was working a lot and thusly my priorities had to get shifted around and blogging got moved to the bottom!

But for all my blogging fans out there (I'm sure there's at least one) I'm back!!
I will try my hardest to blog as often as I can and will try to find topics that interest everyone! Ya, right! LOL

But still...

So, to get back on my blogging legs (so to speak) I will post some cute pictures of  Buddy eating broccoli!!!!


Yes, that is broccoli all over his face!

Not too sure at this point!

Nope, it's all good! :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Out of Order

Due to current events this blog will be down for the next week or two.
Mother Hen

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Being Sick Is So Expensive!!

The Hen House if on official LOCK DOWN!

This week we have all had sinus colds, Bronchitis, chest infections, and now a stomach bug! It has been a crazy, drool filled, puke filled, snot filled week I can tell you!
It has been so hard with EVERYONE sick at the same time, and one VERY expensive week as well!

It's been about 3 years since I have been as sick as I have this past week, and adding that to Mr. Rooster and the kids too it's been a very expensive week for medications, prescriptions and all the fun things that come along with illness!

I have spent a ton on all these illness preventatives and helpers and that's not even including the small fortune I've spent on juice, soup and other items to help us along this past week! I am shocked at how quickly cough syrups, throat lozenges, Gravol, Tylenol, antihistamines and other medications can add up, and sad at how quick we've gone through them :(

 Sadly I've spent more time at the pharmacy then at work this week, and I think the Pharmacist knows me by name! LOL
I will be happy once all these germs are gone and out of my hen house and everyone is back to their normal selves and the normal amount of drool!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Being sick sucks!

When the whole family is sick at the SAME TIME that sucks just a little bit more!

That's right, everyone of us is super sick! The kids started with runny noses that moved to their chests and then Mr. Rooster got it, and then me :( and now we all have it.
Poor Buddy had to go to the hospital last night and get a chest x-ray. He's in good spirits but it's so hard to see him not well.
I have a doctors appointment today to get myself looked at and we're all missing work.
No fun!
I must say though that Mr. Rooster is the most incredible husband and Father ever! Even though he has been super sick, he has still taken such good care of us all! I am very lucky to have him!
Being sick hasn't slowed the kids down though, they're still running around and playing, which, although it means more work when you're sick, it is also a good thing to see them happy even though they sound terrible!

I can't wait till all this sickness is out of the house!! Yuck!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Grow Up!

Until I come up with a better nickname B-Man is now being called Buddy. I know it's not fancy but it's the name we seem to call him the most around here and it seems to flow better than B-Man :), Buddy is on the verge of really moving and life as we know it is about to change BIG TIME!!! I'm excited but scared at the same time!

He gets around pretty good right now with rolling and can turn in circles to get things he wants. He uses a mixture of both to get to everything and cause lots of trouble...I mean chaos...I mean fun!
He has discovered how to pop is bum in the air and get into a crawling position but then just rocks back and forth till the moves backwards! It's hilarious to watch but he's getting better and better each day and so it won't be long before he's on the move!
Carebear was crawling full force by the end of her 7 months and he isn't far behind! I'm excited because it opens up so much more of the world for him but scared too. It will mean I have to re-baby proof EVERYTHING! Our house is pretty baby proof now because of Carebear but as she gets older her interest in things that cause trouble seems to be lessening and she listens to basic commands. "Don't open that cupboard. Don't eat that." etc. 
But when they're little and just starting to move they get into EVERYTHING!!! and I mean EVERYTHING!!!! From the smallest thing you can barely see, EVERYTHING under 2 feet is theirs!
I had a friend over the other day with her baby who is crawling and I was running around trying to keep up with baby proofing while they visited! Ugh!
I've got to re-baby proof the house and myself! Buddy isn't like Carebear at all! He's full of energy and raring to go! She was so laid back and calm. I think I'm really going to have my hands full with him! LOL
Enjoying his food!

Of course I forgot to put a bib on! LOL

Oh and have I mentioned Carebear has started the Terrible Two's with full force?? Yup, the 'tude is out and she isn't afraid to use it!!
I get a lot of this look now a days...
The grumpy "MINE" face! Aren't kids cute LOL

Thank God for Mr. Rooster, who is amazing and patient, we need as much as we can get! LOL
Although with this attitude comes amazing creativity! She loves to stack things and yesterday I looked over and she had made a "Truck Tower" as she called it! She stacked three trucks and made them drive. I thought it was clever! Then she made a "Truck Train"! I love their imaginations!!

Yes I swear kids GROW UP faster and faster each day!