Friday, February 24, 2012

Why I work where I work, and why I love it.

Not many people seem to understand why I have chosen to work where I do and so today I will take a few minutes to explain why I work where I work and why I love it!

I work at a fast food restaurant, I started with the company back in December 1999. It started as "just a job" to get me money but I soon fell in love with it. There are so many aspects of the job that keep bringing me back over the years but the number one thing is that the people I work with are like my family.
I've worked for 4 different locations over the years and each one has brought me a lot of joy but there is one location that I have been with the majority of my working years and it is the people that keep bringing me back.
I started at this location when my family moved away to England and things were falling apart in my life. The people I worked with became more than just friends they became my new family. They held my hand when I cried and laughed with me during the good times. Some of my best friends today are people I have met at this store.
The people there know me for me and so I can truly be myself at work, which I love! I love making people laugh, and I love joking with everyone. The highlight of my day is making someone smile. I've known some of the people at this store for over 12 years and we've shared so much of our lives together. What a better way to spend your day then with the people you care about?

I also get to work with my sister and although I'm sure she may feel differently I love it! Life's so busy sometimes that it's hard to make plans to get together so being able to see her at work is great! We can chat and keep up with each others lives. I enjoy the time I get to work with her!

I actually like the food we serve. Not only does it taste good but the quality is good too, which these days from a fast food store is hard to find! It's easy to sell a product you respect and like! It's not hard to be honest with the customers when they ask you your opinion on a product, which is nice :) Plus a discount card is a nice perk :)

Being a Mother Hen of two very active little chicks means you spend a lot of time being very tired LOL Since I've been doing this job for so long I know it like the back of my  hand and thus even when I'm half asleep because Buddy or Carebear have kept me up at night I can slide into work and hit auto pilot!

The unique thing about me is that I truly care. Some people just go to work because it's a job and they need the money but I am one of those weird people that genuinely cares about my work and the customers. Yes, it's only a fast food place but I take pride in how I work and where I work. I work my butt off to make sure that each customer receives the absolute best experience they can have!
I love to chat with each of the customers, asking them about their day, and love to joke around with them to make them smile. I always remind myself of what kind of customer service I would want to receive and give that experience to each customer. I find most really appreciate a kind voice, a chuckle and fast and efficient service! Even a grumpy person who is having a bad day seems to melt a bit when they get served by a genuinely happy,  polite person!
I always say, "Manners are free but they're priceless!". A bit of good manners never go wrong when they are sincerely meant, and I always sincerely mean them!

My job isn't just a job, it's so much more than that for me. Each shift I get to work with good friends, talk to people, share in their experiences, laugh, joke and feel like I'm apart of something.
I've been told over the years that I should aim higher, that I should get a "real" job, but that's what most don't understand. I love my job. I can go, do my job, have fun, then come home and that's the end of it!
There's nothing else to think about, no paper work to do once I'm home. I can be with my family fully!
I work part time and Mr. Rooster watches the kids when I'm at work, so we don't pay for daycare thus saving us a ton of money. I get to spend all day every day with my kids and since absence makes the heart grow fonder, the time I do spend with Mr. Rooster is a lot better!
So to any of you who always wondered why I'd pick a job that was "beneath" me I hope this clears a few things up.

I only wish you could love your job as much as I loved mine :)

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cdnkaro said...

It's a rare and wonderful thing for someone to be so passionate about their job. If you truly enjoy it then that's all that matters. Harvey's is one of the very few places I will eat 'fast food', because you're absolutely right,it is good quality food.