Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Kitchen Sink

The new flavour of the month is the kitchen sink! Or as Carebear calls it, "Hand, hand". She loves to play in the kitchen sink, washing her hands and would play there for hours if it weren't for me having to do other things and my concern for water conservation.
Carebear on the other hand, has no concern for water conservation and would prefer it if the tap ran full blast all day! LOL
Thankfully I've been able to convince her that a cup filled with water and a spoon is all she needs for a bit of kitchen sink fun! LOL
Both my chicks are water fowl! To say they love the water is an understatement! If they didn't have to live out of water they wouldn't.
Summer is their favourite time of year and I know next summer when we get the pool I will be in it all the time with the kids.
They come by it naturally, both Mr. Rooster and I love the water as well!
But for now the kitchen sink is were it's at, that and the bath tub! :)

Friday, November 18, 2011

Patient Chicks

I have some very patient chicks that's for sure. 
They sit patiently while I cut their hair or nails. They wait while I wash their faces, or prepare their meals. On the rare occasion they may freak out if it's taking longer than usual but for the most part my chicks are very patient.
I'm not sure where they get this from since both me and Mr. Rooster tend to be a bit high strung but I am grateful that they have it!
I'm sure it will disappear as they get older and have larger demands but I've been very fortunate that they are as patient as they have been.
B-Man shows the largest amount, often sitting happily, waiting his turn as I deal with Carebear. 
They have both taught me a great deal of patience too. I find that because they are so calm I remain calm too. 
I am very grateful!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

It's been a bit

I haven't posted lately! I've been so busy with all that's been going on I hardly feel like I have a chance to breathe then alone write! LOL
This past week I've started two small from home businesses. One for a residential house cleaner and one for pet portraits (http://suepetportraits.blogspot.com/).
They both have kept me extremely busy (along with new playgroups I've just discovered in my area, baking, cleaning MY house and trying to teach my little chicks some Spanish).
It's been a busy and exhausting week topped off with my littlest chick not sleeping well at night :(
I'm excited to be joining the world of Mompreneurs and a bit scared too!
I have to admit that I'm hoping that the pet portraits part does well so that I can call myself an artist (a life long dream of mine).
I have faith that things will go the way they are meant to go.
As for this blog I hope to keep it up. 

Sunday, November 13, 2011

**Warning Gross story ahead **

I am a sympathetic vomiter Sad I can't stand being around people that are sick because I will get sick too!
I was always a bit worried when I had kids since I knew kids get sick! I got used to the milky spit up of a baby and handled it well. Then when Carebear turned one she got sick for the first time, again I handled it well. The few times she gotten sick, like real vomiting, I have been surprised at how much it didn't bother me. I think it's because I know I have to be calm for her so I can't react. The very first night we were in our new place she threw up all over me! I stayed calm and took care of her while I was still covered literally hair to toe. I handled it well.

But today was the grossest thing I have EVER experienced!

Last night Carebear threw up in bed, thankfully she threw up on her blankets, so no floor cleaning (woo whoo) I took care of her while Mr. Rooster took the blankets to the laundry room. 
During the chaos he asked if he should just throw the blankets into the machine or scrap off the stuff? I was busy, wasn't thinking, and was trying to settle Carebear that I said, "Ya, just throw them in I'll deal with them tomorrow." So on goes the machine.


I went down today and what a MESS!!! There were bits and pieces EVERYWHERE!!!!! It took me over 15 minutes to clean out the machine and I kept having to think of something else while I did it because if I thought about what I was touching and what I was doing I would have barfed myself!

So thus ends the GROSSEST thing I have EVER had to do and one BIG lesson learned! Always scrap vomit off before washing!!! YUCK!!! pale

Thursday, November 10, 2011

What I'm Passionate about ~ part two ~ Creativity

Another thing that I am passionate about is being creative! I love to create and make things. Either for the holidays, or for fun, I love to paint, draw, and craft!
I don't get to do it as often as I used to but it's still one of my favourite things!
I usually get totally emersed in my art when I get the chance to do it! Hours can drift by without notice as I paint or draw!
It has always been a huge part of my life. Being creative!!
I love to come up with neat things for the holidays! Halloween being my favourite! Interesting costumes or things to hang on the walls!
Doing craft time with the kids, even if they are too young to really enjoy them yet!

What I'm Passionate About ~ Part One ~ My Kids

I have a few things that I am passionate in life and the first would be my kids! I just love them so much! I love spending each day with them, watching them learn and grow! Watching the awesome little things they do. I enjoy every aspect of parenting, even the gross and frustrating parts (dealing with those moments help to make me a more patient and loving Mother).
I have always dreamed of being a Mommy and I can't even express how happy I am to have two little amazing kids!
They make me laugh so hard each day, with their strange little ways of doing things, their HUGE smiles and their kooky sense of humour (wonder where they get that from?).
Carebear has been a happy kid since she was born. She's always been super content no matter what. At playgroups she would sit and wait till a toy came rolling by, pick it up and play with it till another kid walked by and took it. This wouldn't upset her, she'd just wait for the next toy to come along.
She is always surprising me with the new things she has learned that day and always makes me laugh out loud with the way she goofs around.
B-Man is another happy one! Always full of smiles, enough to share with everyone. He only cries when he's hungry, other than that it's all smiles from him.
He loves his big sister so much! He watches her play and laughs at all the things she does. He admires her so much! Watching the two of them interact makes my day makes it all worth while.

I am blessed to spend each day with them. I love colouring pictures with Carebear and giving B-Man big cuddles and making them both laugh! Teaching them their colours, numbers, shapes and a bit of Spanish (not as much as I'd like but I'm working on it). Watching the light bulb go on over their heads when they figure out something new!

The funny part about being a Mom is how much I really didn't know before becoming one!

There's a quote I love, "I was a really good Mom before I had kids," I love that because it's so true! I had a lot of ideas of what being a Mom would be like, but it wasn't until I first held Carebear in my arms that I realized I really didn't know anything.

I call Carebear my "Trial Child" since we've gotten the chance to try things out with her and now know what we like and don't like so we can do that with B-Man. LOL poor kid.

I don't do things like "others" do, but I feel I have two, well behaved, cute, smart, funny, loving children so I guess I must be doing something right :)

I can't imagine my life without my children! They are my everything and I love them so much!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I am a Worry Warrior!

I combat decision making with great ease and skill! There is no problem that I can't analyse to death! When faced with an issue I will use my shield of worry to hide myself from change! I proudly wield my sword of doubt and attack every good idea with skepticism and apprehension!
I come from a long line of Worry Warriors! Our tribe teaches each generation how to be full of anxiety and lack confidence!

Yes, I am a Worry Warrior!

I have always been a worrier! I can't think of a time in my life when I wasn't concerned with what people thought of me, what people were doing, if everyone was ok, if someone was mad at me, or if I've done something wrong.

It's been an endless cycle for me, and has led me to a place in my life where I am almost unmovable. :(
I am so worried about every thing that I don't do anything!

I've been trying to work on this the past few days (well years really) but the past few days have been a big focus for me.
Starting this blog has been super hard, since I'm honestly worried about grammar mistakes (I'm terrible with grammar and with spelling), worried about the content not being good or interesting, worried what people might say when they read this, worried that I might say the wrong thing.
There have been so many postings that I have deleted or haven't posted because I'm so worried what others might think.

The problem with worrying is that it's an exceptionally hard habit to break. How to do you turn off something that you've been trained to do and have done your whole life?

I have heard it a million times, "stop worrying so much.", "Just try not thinking about it". If only that worked. If only not thinking would work, but I have been cursed with a brain that NEVER sleeps! It's always on and always going. I have an extremely hard time relaxing and if it weren't for television I would never simmer at all. (TV is the only time I just zone out).
My brain is always a buzz with nonsense. Things that don't really matter. Going over conversations I've had, and planning conversations I might have.
I am a terrible sleeper. My brain doesn't shut off, so I'll lie in bed awake at night, even if I'm exhausted, and just think and plan, and think, and analyse, and plan and think...it goes on and on.
My brain ruins beautiful moments too :( with its constant stream of things to worry about or scenario that "may" occur!
If only there were some way to put all this wasted energy to good use.

Even now, before I actually hit the bright orange "publish" button, I'm full of doubt and fear.

I've been wanting to post this blog on Facebook, but have been so worried who might read it, what they'll think of it, and what they'll think of me.

I'm not sure if I'm ready for all of that, for I am a Worry Warrior and probably always will be!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Why I am "Mother Hen"

I have been Mother Hen since high school. I am a worrier at heart and tend to fuss over people. When I had friends over to my place I would always make sure they had everything that they needed. My friends would always tease me as I walked around at parties and asked them a million times if they needed anything; "Water? Food? Can I get you something to drink?". I like to make people feel at home, even if I tend to pester them a bit too much :)

I've had many nick names over the years but this one has always made me the happiest.
I like fussing over people and trying to make them as comfortable as I can. 

I like to go out of my way to make someone feel special.
Since having kids, I find that I am a bit too tired to do as much as I used to but I still find joy in doing special little things and being sincerely concerned for others well being.

I've also always wanted to be a Mom. I love kids and have dreamed of having as many as I could! As much as it can be extremely stressful at times, I actually love the chaos. 
One day my Rooster took the chickies out for the day and I was left at home to enjoy some much needed solitude.
I tell you, I couldn't wait for them to get back! It was so quiet, too quiet! I missed the chaos, I missed the noise and sadly, I missed the mess! LOL

I hope to have a few more chicks one day! I love being a Mom so much!

Whether it's from worrying and caring about others, or playing and loving my own little chicks, I hope to always have the name, "Mother Hen".

Monday, November 7, 2011

Why do my cats hate me?

Every night, without fail my cats will do things to ruin my night.
We finally get both kids asleep and the house is peaceful at last! Sheer bliss! Then Tybo will come out of no where and start meowing his head off!
After a nasty shushing from me, his brother Tucker will start clawing the carpet and I'll have to find him and give him a stern warning (usually a shout of his name followed by an evil glare).
The evening continues with small annoyances. Meowing, knocking things over, running around the house like maniacs chasing each other, growling and hissing when one cat over steps the line and has gone too far!
I find most  nights I'm running around telling one to 'shh' and another to 'get down'!

I've tried cat toys, cat nip, exercising them, it's no good. I swear they plan it out! The worst is when they'll walk slowly up to the baby peacefully sleeping in his bouncy chair and meow REALLY loud at him!

Our cats have always tried to kill us. Just like a typical cat, they get under your feet at the worst times (especially on the stairs) and zip in front of you (always when you're in a hurry).
Our fuzzy one (Tybo) has more fur than brains! I think he's fallen down the stairs one too many times. In our old place we had open concept stairs. He would sit at the top of the upstairs steps and goof around. He often misjudged his step and would fall through straight to the basement! Poor guy!

Tucker is a big cat, scratch that (pardon the pun) he is a HUGE cat! Not that he's ever let his size slow him down! He is a glutton when it comes to food and will meow and meow if his dish isn't 100% full.
He used to meow so much that we contemplated giving him up for adoption! He has this long meow that never stops! When he starts you seriously stop and wait for him to take a breath! It's funny. He got a lot better the day we brought Tybo home.

They are great cats and are awesome with the kids! They do get in the way and drive me nuts but lets just say, thank God they're cute or we'd probably have two nice cat rugs somewhere in this house by now! LOL

Too many leaves!

It's been a crazy and busy weekend! Both chickies are sick :( which has made for more work and less sleep!
We raked all the leaves, which was hilarious because we have a huge front and back yard now and haven't raked once this year!! We are also surrounded by a ton of trees, so the amount of leaves was astounding!
I was disappointed that both chickies were sick, thus not feeling well enough to go play and jump in the HUGE piles of leaves :( maybe next year!
We have always lived in places where someone else did the mowing, raking and shovelling. It's going to be interesting having to do those things in this house!

Friday, November 4, 2011

How to wash clean laundry!

B-Man was sitting on the bed happily watching as I folded the laundry! He smiled and played as he watched each fold and grabbed at his shirt to chew on.
I had Carebears laundry nicely folded in front of him and didn't think much of it till I heard the oh so familiar gurgle coming from deep within B-Man's tummy!
Then it happened! B-Man puked all over his sisters clean clothes! Yuck!

I just wish his idea of helping wasn't getting me to do more work! LOL

All this got me thinking about how much laundry I do in a week. I know I'm not up there with the Mom's who have larger families but it still amazes me how much laundry I do in one week with only a Rooster and two chicks!

The washer and dryer seems to be always running during the day (which sucks with the Smart-Meters). I always make a point to put it all away and have the machines empty by the end of the day. I hate having laundry lurking downstairs waiting to be finished! LOL

This being said, there always seems to be a basket full somewhere in this house, not to mention sheets and bedding that are constantly being pee'd or puked on!

I'm not really complaining since I'm one of those weird chicks that like to clean, so doing laundry doesn't bother me, I'm just amazed at how much laundry a few can make and how messy chickies can be!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Up all night...

I have a sick chick today :( poor Carebear was up screaming till 2:30am when she finally passed out till 5:30am and then started the screaming again.
Both her and her brother have had runny noses and I guess it hit her ears last night.
What a terrible night, poor thing :(
Thankfully B-Man slept great!!! So at least I only had to deal with one chickie :(
One of the worst parts of being a parent is watching your child in pain or discomfort when there's nothing else you can do to help :(
Thankfully she's a lot better this morning, just sneezy with a runny nose but in good spirits considering how the night went.
One great thing about Carebear is that she likes getting her nose wiped! She'll sneeze and then run over to me to wipe her nose or come and get a Kleenex and wipe it herself!
Today looks like it's going to be a long day!
B-Man is snotty and Carebear is too!
Me on the other hand.....*thud* zzzzzzzzz

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Go to sleep...

Today closes with good and bad news.

Bad; B-Man is still awake and shows no signs of going to bed and Carebear keeps waking up crying :(
it may be a long night :(

Good; I did great today and had a blast dancing with Carebear. She's playing follow the leader when we dance, it's a hoot! Sometimes she leads, sometimes I lead! I'm amazed every day at all the little things they learn to do! I love them so much!

If you sprinkle when you tinkle...

We had a bit of potty success today!!!
Carebear was running around her room naked (we play with the potty in the morning, nap time and bedtime). She pee'd a bit on the floor so we rushed over to the potty and she sat down! She only sprinkled a bit on the seat but it's a HUGE potty success for us! It's the first time she's actually sort of used it properly!
I haven't been pushing too hard but it's a big success since she used to SCREAM bloody murder whenever she even saw the potty!!!
Each step brings us a bit closer!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I'm going to blog about my kids today...

My oldest chick, Carebear, decided not to sleep well last night :( She's 22 months and used to sleep great. Lately, not so good :(
My youngest, B-Man, has a runny nose and was up with that all night :( He's 5 months old and has never been a good sleeper.
Needless to say, I'm tired LOL
Oh the joys of having little ones :)
Then to top today off, Carebear didn't take her nap today. She went to room and played instead of sleeping! Ugh!
I'm hoping tonight goes a bit better!