Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Kitchen Sink

The new flavour of the month is the kitchen sink! Or as Carebear calls it, "Hand, hand". She loves to play in the kitchen sink, washing her hands and would play there for hours if it weren't for me having to do other things and my concern for water conservation.
Carebear on the other hand, has no concern for water conservation and would prefer it if the tap ran full blast all day! LOL
Thankfully I've been able to convince her that a cup filled with water and a spoon is all she needs for a bit of kitchen sink fun! LOL
Both my chicks are water fowl! To say they love the water is an understatement! If they didn't have to live out of water they wouldn't.
Summer is their favourite time of year and I know next summer when we get the pool I will be in it all the time with the kids.
They come by it naturally, both Mr. Rooster and I love the water as well!
But for now the kitchen sink is were it's at, that and the bath tub! :)

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