Friday, November 18, 2011

Patient Chicks

I have some very patient chicks that's for sure. 
They sit patiently while I cut their hair or nails. They wait while I wash their faces, or prepare their meals. On the rare occasion they may freak out if it's taking longer than usual but for the most part my chicks are very patient.
I'm not sure where they get this from since both me and Mr. Rooster tend to be a bit high strung but I am grateful that they have it!
I'm sure it will disappear as they get older and have larger demands but I've been very fortunate that they are as patient as they have been.
B-Man shows the largest amount, often sitting happily, waiting his turn as I deal with Carebear. 
They have both taught me a great deal of patience too. I find that because they are so calm I remain calm too. 
I am very grateful!

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