Sunday, November 13, 2011

**Warning Gross story ahead **

I am a sympathetic vomiter Sad I can't stand being around people that are sick because I will get sick too!
I was always a bit worried when I had kids since I knew kids get sick! I got used to the milky spit up of a baby and handled it well. Then when Carebear turned one she got sick for the first time, again I handled it well. The few times she gotten sick, like real vomiting, I have been surprised at how much it didn't bother me. I think it's because I know I have to be calm for her so I can't react. The very first night we were in our new place she threw up all over me! I stayed calm and took care of her while I was still covered literally hair to toe. I handled it well.

But today was the grossest thing I have EVER experienced!

Last night Carebear threw up in bed, thankfully she threw up on her blankets, so no floor cleaning (woo whoo) I took care of her while Mr. Rooster took the blankets to the laundry room. 
During the chaos he asked if he should just throw the blankets into the machine or scrap off the stuff? I was busy, wasn't thinking, and was trying to settle Carebear that I said, "Ya, just throw them in I'll deal with them tomorrow." So on goes the machine.


I went down today and what a MESS!!! There were bits and pieces EVERYWHERE!!!!! It took me over 15 minutes to clean out the machine and I kept having to think of something else while I did it because if I thought about what I was touching and what I was doing I would have barfed myself!

So thus ends the GROSSEST thing I have EVER had to do and one BIG lesson learned! Always scrap vomit off before washing!!! YUCK!!! pale

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