Friday, November 4, 2011

How to wash clean laundry!

B-Man was sitting on the bed happily watching as I folded the laundry! He smiled and played as he watched each fold and grabbed at his shirt to chew on.
I had Carebears laundry nicely folded in front of him and didn't think much of it till I heard the oh so familiar gurgle coming from deep within B-Man's tummy!
Then it happened! B-Man puked all over his sisters clean clothes! Yuck!

I just wish his idea of helping wasn't getting me to do more work! LOL

All this got me thinking about how much laundry I do in a week. I know I'm not up there with the Mom's who have larger families but it still amazes me how much laundry I do in one week with only a Rooster and two chicks!

The washer and dryer seems to be always running during the day (which sucks with the Smart-Meters). I always make a point to put it all away and have the machines empty by the end of the day. I hate having laundry lurking downstairs waiting to be finished! LOL

This being said, there always seems to be a basket full somewhere in this house, not to mention sheets and bedding that are constantly being pee'd or puked on!

I'm not really complaining since I'm one of those weird chicks that like to clean, so doing laundry doesn't bother me, I'm just amazed at how much laundry a few can make and how messy chickies can be!

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