Monday, November 7, 2011

Why do my cats hate me?

Every night, without fail my cats will do things to ruin my night.
We finally get both kids asleep and the house is peaceful at last! Sheer bliss! Then Tybo will come out of no where and start meowing his head off!
After a nasty shushing from me, his brother Tucker will start clawing the carpet and I'll have to find him and give him a stern warning (usually a shout of his name followed by an evil glare).
The evening continues with small annoyances. Meowing, knocking things over, running around the house like maniacs chasing each other, growling and hissing when one cat over steps the line and has gone too far!
I find most  nights I'm running around telling one to 'shh' and another to 'get down'!

I've tried cat toys, cat nip, exercising them, it's no good. I swear they plan it out! The worst is when they'll walk slowly up to the baby peacefully sleeping in his bouncy chair and meow REALLY loud at him!

Our cats have always tried to kill us. Just like a typical cat, they get under your feet at the worst times (especially on the stairs) and zip in front of you (always when you're in a hurry).
Our fuzzy one (Tybo) has more fur than brains! I think he's fallen down the stairs one too many times. In our old place we had open concept stairs. He would sit at the top of the upstairs steps and goof around. He often misjudged his step and would fall through straight to the basement! Poor guy!

Tucker is a big cat, scratch that (pardon the pun) he is a HUGE cat! Not that he's ever let his size slow him down! He is a glutton when it comes to food and will meow and meow if his dish isn't 100% full.
He used to meow so much that we contemplated giving him up for adoption! He has this long meow that never stops! When he starts you seriously stop and wait for him to take a breath! It's funny. He got a lot better the day we brought Tybo home.

They are great cats and are awesome with the kids! They do get in the way and drive me nuts but lets just say, thank God they're cute or we'd probably have two nice cat rugs somewhere in this house by now! LOL

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cdnkaro said...

So it's not JUST ours? Good to know!