Friday, February 3, 2012

Grow Up!

Until I come up with a better nickname B-Man is now being called Buddy. I know it's not fancy but it's the name we seem to call him the most around here and it seems to flow better than B-Man :), Buddy is on the verge of really moving and life as we know it is about to change BIG TIME!!! I'm excited but scared at the same time!

He gets around pretty good right now with rolling and can turn in circles to get things he wants. He uses a mixture of both to get to everything and cause lots of trouble...I mean chaos...I mean fun!
He has discovered how to pop is bum in the air and get into a crawling position but then just rocks back and forth till the moves backwards! It's hilarious to watch but he's getting better and better each day and so it won't be long before he's on the move!
Carebear was crawling full force by the end of her 7 months and he isn't far behind! I'm excited because it opens up so much more of the world for him but scared too. It will mean I have to re-baby proof EVERYTHING! Our house is pretty baby proof now because of Carebear but as she gets older her interest in things that cause trouble seems to be lessening and she listens to basic commands. "Don't open that cupboard. Don't eat that." etc. 
But when they're little and just starting to move they get into EVERYTHING!!! and I mean EVERYTHING!!!! From the smallest thing you can barely see, EVERYTHING under 2 feet is theirs!
I had a friend over the other day with her baby who is crawling and I was running around trying to keep up with baby proofing while they visited! Ugh!
I've got to re-baby proof the house and myself! Buddy isn't like Carebear at all! He's full of energy and raring to go! She was so laid back and calm. I think I'm really going to have my hands full with him! LOL
Enjoying his food!

Of course I forgot to put a bib on! LOL

Oh and have I mentioned Carebear has started the Terrible Two's with full force?? Yup, the 'tude is out and she isn't afraid to use it!!
I get a lot of this look now a days...
The grumpy "MINE" face! Aren't kids cute LOL

Thank God for Mr. Rooster, who is amazing and patient, we need as much as we can get! LOL
Although with this attitude comes amazing creativity! She loves to stack things and yesterday I looked over and she had made a "Truck Tower" as she called it! She stacked three trucks and made them drive. I thought it was clever! Then she made a "Truck Train"! I love their imaginations!!

Yes I swear kids GROW UP faster and faster each day!

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cdnkaro said...

Beautiful pictures! We know all about the 'tude around these here parts. So exciting that your little guy is almost crawling:)