Monday, February 6, 2012

Being sick sucks!

When the whole family is sick at the SAME TIME that sucks just a little bit more!

That's right, everyone of us is super sick! The kids started with runny noses that moved to their chests and then Mr. Rooster got it, and then me :( and now we all have it.
Poor Buddy had to go to the hospital last night and get a chest x-ray. He's in good spirits but it's so hard to see him not well.
I have a doctors appointment today to get myself looked at and we're all missing work.
No fun!
I must say though that Mr. Rooster is the most incredible husband and Father ever! Even though he has been super sick, he has still taken such good care of us all! I am very lucky to have him!
Being sick hasn't slowed the kids down though, they're still running around and playing, which, although it means more work when you're sick, it is also a good thing to see them happy even though they sound terrible!

I can't wait till all this sickness is out of the house!! Yuck!

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cdnkaro said...

I hear you! It's hard enough watching our children suffer, but then to have to care for sick children when one is sick himself- ugh. I hope the sickness clears your house soon!