Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Now You're Tired?

My darling son is not a good sleeper! He wakes often and recently has decided he'd like to start his day around 3am! Hooray! Except that Mommy doesn't like to go to bed before midnight :( LOL
Carebear wasn't a good sleeper for the first year either, but the biggest difference was that all I had to do that first year was watch her, so if I was half asleep it wasn't too big of a deal. With having a baby that doesn't sleep, a very active toddler and working part time, it makes for a very different day. There's not a lot of down time to just relax and take it easy if I didn't get much sleep!
Mr. Rooster is great and helps when he can but with me working in the evenings and him having to get up at 4am for work that usually means I'm up with the baby during the night.
My whole point to this rant this morning is that it's now 8:30am and after being awake for several hours Buddy is NOW tired. He's looking at me with groggy eyes and like he's almost ready to pass out and all I can think is, "Sure, NOW you're tired! Couldn't be tired at 3am? Noooooo!"
I've tried so many things to help him sleep but I think his natural rhythm is to be awake during the night. It used to be from 1am -6am and lately that's changed and it's now from 3am to 8am! I wish that was an improvement but before he'd just wake often between 1-6am and now it's he's WIDE awake between 3-8am :(
We've got a great bedtime routine and both kids have no problems going to sleep, it's just the staying asleep that seems to be the problem.
The only thing that keeps me going is knowing that he WILL grow out of it! He will eventually sleep better at night. I'm just grateful that Carebear is sleeping through the night or else I'd go nuts!

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cdnkaro said...

Ugh, how difficult. I have never had to deal with anything quite that bad, but I can imagine...:( You can always come out for a playdate/nap/change of scenery if you can have the car one day!