Friday, December 9, 2011

Packing for our journey...

We go for a walk every day, no matter the weather. We live in such a great area now with so much to do, that it's been a real pleasure to get out and about! We've gotten our "get ready" routine down to a fine art now and the chickies know that when the big stroller comes out it's time to get ready to go!
For the longest time now Carebear has taken it upon herself to help "pack" the stroller for me and each trip I am amazed at what she deems as "important" for our walk.
Yesterdays items included; half an eaten carrot, her sippy cup and a snowglobe. :)
I'm usually busy with B-Man that I don't notice what she's put into the stroller till later when I'm emptying out the bottom.
The other day I pulled out two sopping wet stuffed puppies and discovered that she felt the need to include a leaking sippy cup that had honey lemon water in it no less. Now not only did I have two sopping wet stuffed puppies they were also sticky along with everything else under the stroller! Fun!
I often wonder what goes through her mind as she starts her list of thing to pack and always have a chuckle at what she think she'll need on our journey! :)

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cdnkaro said...

They do the silliest things sometimes, don't they? So endearing though:)