Thursday, December 15, 2011

This little piggie...

Today I was rooting through my sock drawer looking for something warm to wear, when I came across something deep in the bottom that I hadn't seen in years! At first it shocked me to see them, since I thought I must have thrown them out, but alas, there they were!
My Toe Socks!!!

Do you remember toe socks?
For those of you who don't remember, they have been the craze off and on since the 1970's but my fine pair were all the way from England and bought in 2004! Oh ya, they sure brought back memories! LOL

I wore them all day and loved every memory inducing second of it! Carebear just looked at me like I was strange (a look I'm all too familiar with) and Mr. Rooster joined her! LOL

I didn't care, it was fun to wear my toe socks! It reminded me of the crazy Mother Hen I used to be! I've worn and done some pretty interesting thing in my day, and used to be pretty fun and crazy, but if my kids ask, I didn't do any of it ;)

and yes..the toes say "flirt" :)

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