Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Out of Sight ~ Out of Mind

In this day and age of technical wonder it's hard to imagine that we could ever lose touch with anyone, but it seems to happen more and more often to me.
As my life has become more busy and complicated it seems like an impossible feat to try to stay connected to all the people I wish I could, and as time has gone on, certain relationships have faded away. I find myself missing people all the time but not having the time to properly connect
Thank God for Facebook or else I know that I would probably become so distant with even family.

There are so many wonderful people I wish that I had more time to really connect with each and every one of them but it seems most days I don't even have enough hours to properly connect with the people in my every day life!

Every time I look at the phone and think of calling someone I glace at the clock and realize that it's now too late in the day to make the call. That's one of the perks of the internet, I can leave a message at 2 in the morning or whatever time I think of it, but these days most of my relationships seem to be held online and not that many in person or on the phone like they used to.

Then there are times when I try so hard to connect with someone through messages or phone calls but they are too busy themselves to make a connection back.

So with all this fancy technology it seems like I'm one step forward but two steps back when it come to truly connecting with those I care about!


cdnkaro said...

You're not alone- I struggle with the same thing! And now that I blog, a lot of friends I used to email/facebook with now know all my news from the blog, and so they don't reach out...problem is, I was always the one to respond, as I have very little time to reach out myself. So now we grow apart...technology is a mixed blessing for sure.

Camoprincess1986 said...

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