Monday, December 26, 2011

Random toys in random places...

My dear daughter loves the way I clean. She thinks I do an amazing job sweeping, moping, dusting, scrubing, and can't wait for me to bring the vacuum out. She admires my technique at organizing and decluttering and don't even get me started on dishes and laundry!!
She loves it, well at least this is what I think, because she sure makes enough messes and disasters for me to clean during the day, she MUST really love the way I clean! 

I know that this is just "kids being kids" but I swear some days Carebear does things just to watch me clean up afterwards! LOL

One of her favourite games she plays is "hide the toys so Mommy can find them and put them away for me". She likes this game so much that she plays it EVERY DAY!!! 

I'm always finding little toys in random places, and have to wonder what was going through her head at the time. Did she plan on putting that toy there? Was she playing when something came up and she left them there?

 I'm sure sometimes it's forgetfulness, or maybe these spots are safe places for her treasures,  but it always makes me chuckle to myself when I discover some random toy in some random place! 

Today I found these two in my pantry, just sitting there, looking at me, no kid in sight!
My thoughts drifted to;
1) What was she doing in the pantry?
2) Why did she leave them in there?
3) Did she take anything out in exchange??

Yes, my darling daughter loves to add a bit more work to my already busy day, by helping "put her toys away" in random places!

Little does she know that as she gets older and older, she'll have to start to help put them in their proper place! :) Muahahahaa (evil Mom laugh) - yes there is such a thing as an evil Mom laugh! :) 

And yes, I know, soon B-Man will be joining this game!!


cdnkaro said...

Wait til they start secret 'collections'- not always of toys. That's when the fun really starts. Spoilt food in the telephone box anyone?

Mother Hen said...

Oh, she's started that already but thankfully right now she's limited to where she can store food and I know most of the places! Gotta love kids and the things that go through their heads! LOL