Tuesday, December 27, 2011

So many toys...

Christmas has come and passed and with it comes the toys! Carebear's birthday is a week before Christmas and so add a few more toys to that mix and now I can't get into my playroom!

Toys! Yes, bouncy, noisy, funny, loud, moving, silly toys! Tons of them!
But with the new toys comes something that is good and sad at the same time, the donation box!
I love donating things, and then perusing for new stuff (much to Mr. Roosters dismay) but donating things makes me feel good and helps to keep my house from getting too cluttered!

But today was a sad day as I put some of the older toys into a box, realizing my little ones are too big for some, or have bright, new shiny ones to replace the old.
One toy in particular breaks my heart because it plays a song, a song that I remember Carebear listening to over and over to the point of annoyance, and one that B-Man listens to now.
Although annoying, it's a song that reminds me of their baby years and always makes me smile.

It is my hope to have at least one more chicky and it makes me sad to think that my last little chick might not hear this song. I'm sure it won't matter to anyone but me, but for some reason, it matters. It's a sign that my little chicks are growing up and the things that they once used for entertainment are not important any more.

It's a bitter sweet moment in life to realize that your little ones are growing up and moving on...and my little ones are still so small.
Yes, it's time to donate and clear out some of the toys to make room for the new, and in some cases, just to make room.

Here is one side of the playroom right now! The cabin is inside just for the winter but will be outside in the Springtime. Sorry the pics are so blurry, we're having technical difficulties with our camera!

Thanks to all that contributed to the toys this year, each one is played with and loved, some even by me.

PS ~ Mr. Rooster and I decided to keep the toy that makes the music...at least for now! I may record the song so that I can listen to it years from now!

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cdnkaro said...

I feel the same way when I need to get rid of toys that all or most of my children have played with...nostalgia is a powerful emotion!