Monday, January 9, 2012

I gave myself the willies!

I have the tendency to give myself the willies on a regular basis. :(
I grew up watching horror movies from the time I was a baby. My Dad LOVED B-rated movies, especially horror movies! I grew up being the "Horror Queen". If it was scary, I'd seen it! I loved getting scared! It was fun and I LOVED scaring others! I used to think it was cool to know all about horror movies and scary things. Halloween was more than just a fun day, it was the highlight of my year! I used to be so obsessed with horror movies that I would sit there for hours and figure out how I would do things differently to survive! I also used to plan how to survive a zombie attack! If I was at someone's house I would plan how we would board up the windows and what our survival plan would be.
I was freaked about ghosts, and was sure I had seen a few in my day. I was also freaked about dolls!
Not that I blame them, but my sisters had a HUGE influence on some of this. They loved to bug and tease their little sister. They would take these two walking dolls that we used to own and tell me horrible things about them, like if I wasn't nice to them they would come to life and kill me!
I was just little and believe my sisters were telling the truth and it didn't help that this was happening the same time Child's Play (Chuckie movies) were coming out! 
Growing up I had seen almost all the horror moives, read tons of scary books and heard a bunch of ghost stories and loved them all and thought about them all the time.
The problem is that I also have a very over active imagination. Mix those two together and what you get isn't pretty.
The end of the world, zombies, ghosts and killer dolls is how I grew up and spent my twenties as well. Obsessed, paranoid and scared. 
Things got to the point where I was obsessing so much I couldn't sleep at times.
When I got pregnant I made a vow that I would not watch any more scary movies. 
As soon as I stopped I felt so much better. It took a while but my brain stopped thinking and obsessing and then with Carebear born I was so busy I didn't have much time to think about anything scary (aside from how the heck to take care of a newborn - Trial Child

I haven't watched anything scary since 2009 and don't plan on starting soon. We have been watching The Walking Dead series but I think because they're only once a week it doesn't seem so bad.
The problem is that I still have all these movies and stories stuck in my head and every once in a while they sneak out! Every once in a while I'll see something in the corner of my eye, or have a thought enter my head. The one that gets me all the time as I'm turning off the lights at night and heading up to bed is, "There's someone in the house." That one drives me nuts! I don't know why that one will sneak in there but it does! Or I'll hear a strange noise in the house and have to convince myself that it was "just the cats". 

So, how did I give myself the willies today??
There was a news report today that said there was a prowler lurking around a nearby neighbourhood. I read the story and talked to a few of the Moms I know in my neighbourhood. I started to get creeped out because of Mr. Rooster's work hours I am home with the kids alone sometimes. It's good to be cautious and aware but that's not where it stops for me. For me I get all worked up and start obsessing about it. 
A while after reading this news story I was on the computer (which is in the kitchen)and had my back to our side door when I hear a loud BANG! I got startled and looked towards the sound which came from outside, I saw our back gate swinging closed!
I jumped up and looked out the window for a better view. Sometimes the utilities workers will come and check the metre in our backyard so at first I was looking for someone either entering or leaving our property wearing a city uniform but when I looked out the window, there was no one in sight.
I went to the front of the house and still saw no one.
It was at this point my mind started to whirl with ideas and thoughts. Who could it have been? Are they still in my backyard? Are they lurking or waiting?? Are they casing the place for later???
I tired my best to shake these ideas away and busy myself with the kids.
I relaxed a bit and continued on with  my day.
About an hour later, BANG! Again I look out the window and see my back gate slamming shut!
At this point I'm freaked out! Then, like all the idiots I've seen in the movies that I usually yelled at, I went outside to investigate!
Yes, I was one of those silly people that went to check out a strange noise!
I headed outside and looked around, freaked out! My plan did include me taking the cordless phone in case anything did happen I could call for help!

Ya.... turns out the back gate wasn't latched and the wind was catching it and making it bang closed. :(
Didn't I feel silly and relieved at the same time!?

It's sad to think of how much effect these movies have had over me, even after all these years I still give myself the willies from time to time!

I don't plan on letting my children watch any horror movies till they are much older and will be careful with the stories I tell them. I'm not sure if they'll have as big of an over active imaginations as I do, but the world is a scary enough place without having to add to it!


cdnkaro said...

I am still horrified by Stephen King's "IT" because of how young I was when I first saw it. Doesn't matter that I've seen it now, as an adult, and it's not really that scary- first impressions stick with you for sure!

itsme said...

Oh but you had so much fun going to see horror movies years ago... hehehe.... well maybe we had more fun going to them with you! I still wonder how much you were able to watch with your hands over your eyes! LOL

Mother Hen said...

Hey now! I never covered my eyes because it was scary! I covered them because I wanted to enhance the audio scariness of the movie! Yes, that's it!