Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Kids do the darndest things.

Today Carebear was playing in the living room when she ran out into the hall, took off her socks and sat on the air vent by the front door. I thought at first that she might have been cold, but that didn't explain why she had taken off her socks. LOL She continued to do this for quite some time. She'd sit there for a bit, then get up and play in the living room for a few minutes and then run back and sit on the vent for a bit. I guess playing is better with a warm bum :)
Kids really gets some strange ideas in their heads that's for sure, but they always make me laugh!

Excuse the quality of the picture my camera is broken.

Carebear has these Little People horses that came with a farm set. She loves them and takes them every where. Out of the blue one day she named them; Mommy, Daddy and Baby.

Mommy is the big one, Baby is the middle one and Daddy is the small brown one.
Mr. Rooster wasn't too fond of the fact that the Daddy horse was smaller than the Mommy horse. No matter how many times he tried to get her to switch it, it was no good.
Today I was out and came across another Little People horse and was please to add to her little horse family, a NEW, bigger Daddy horse!

I introduced the Daddy horse to the family and to Carebear, but she just eye'd him strangely.
I told her, this is the Daddy horse and the small one was now another baby.

She's not too sure what to make of the new addition and time will tell if the "new" Daddy will be welcomed or not. LOL
I just think it's cute when they get an idea in their heads nothing can shake it!
Sorry Mr. Rooster, the Daddy horse might forever be the small one. :) LOL

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cdnkaro said...

Aww, cute! Ian reacts the same way-lol