Sunday, January 22, 2012

Playing together

I'm not sure how long it will last but my two little chicks like to play together. Carebear has no problem handing a toy to B-Man for him to play with (as long as it's not a toy she wants to play with LOL).

She loves to show him how to crawl or how to look at a book. It's so cute to watch them interact with each other and it makes my heart swell with joy to watch them play so well together.
I know it may not last for ever but because they are so close in age together they seem to play well right now and I'm in love with each moment of it!
I never really had that growing up. There's a big gap in age between my siblings and I and they never really wanted to play with their little sister.
I hated that when I was younger and always wished we were closer to each other. I'm hopeful that my little chicks will be close to one another, for as long as it lasts!

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cdnkaro said...

Ours are like that too-I have the same hopes!