Monday, January 2, 2012

Making life easier...I think not!

Do you ever do something to make life "easier" but then find out that it probably made life harder?

 That's me. I'm always doing this, big things and little things, all the time. It drives me crazy, but I still find myself in situations that I have to shake my head at myself and wonder why I ever thought that was a good idea!

Now to be honest most of the problems stems from laziness, what can I do to make this "less work".

For example (and trust me there are tons) I had to run to the van to get something quick, so instead of rummaging through the closet to get my winter shoes, I threw on Dom's since he had just come in and they were beside the door. So my size 8 feet trudged outside in size 12 men shoes and after about 5 steps I realized this was a BAD idea! It had been snowing which made the ground slushy and slippery. My great idea of "saving time" was now taking me twice as long to get to the van since I had to walk with extra care not to slip and kill myself. Oh, and I forgot to mention that I thought I'd only be outside for a few seconds so I didn't bother bringing a coat and so now was freezing to death!

Or the numerous times I've carried WAY too many things in my arms down the stairs, to "save" a trip later ending in either an item or myself falling down the stairs.

Or the time that I decided not to "scrape" the vomit off the blanket before washing it - if you have a good stomach please refer to my blog -  **Warning Gross story ahead **

I owe it to my Mother for teaching me the skill of multitasking! She's always finding ways to make things work better and faster! The difference is that she's good at it! LOL
NEVER leave a room empty handed is her motto and a good one at that. She taught me to find ways to make things quicker, easier and more efficient. Little did she know that she was teaching an accident prone daughter these valuable lessens!

My dear friend told me this quote today, although I'm not sure if the wording is right the statement sure is true!!
 If you don't have time to do it right,
 How will you find time to do it twice?

Yes, lazy, time saving, ideas keep leading me into these, usually funny, situations! I guess I'll just never learn!


cdnkaro said...

Nice to know I'm not the only one who does this!

Mother Hen said...

LOL same here!