Friday, January 6, 2012

My favourite time...

I love all the different activities I do with my chicks during the day but my favourite time with them is bath time!
We have our routine and sometimes we mix it up, but whatever way we do it, I love bath time!
Usually Carebear goes first and then she goes to bed and then I'll do B-Man. I split it up so I only have to do one kid at a time (since I do bath time by myself when Mr. Rooster is not home).
Both of my chicks LOVE the water! They would never get out if they didn't have to! They love splashing and playing with their toys (which I now clean and replace more often thanks to the wise words of cdnkaro (see #10).
Sometimes I`ll get B-Man to go first which Carebear loves! She loves getting to wash the baby, and splashing in his water! She gets so excited when I say it's bath time that she'll grab his tub and run to the bathtub to put it in! LOL She seems almost disappointed when I tell her that her bath is first! LOL

The other day I bathed the kids together for the first time and loved every moment of it! It was so much fun to watch them play in the water together! B-Man laughing as his sister splashed him with water! It was a lot of work bathing them together at this age though, maybe when B-Man is a bit older I'll try it again!

Bath time is the best time of the day, we're starting to quiet down and settle for bed, we're spending time as a family all together, we're all having fun, laughing and playing.
I have so many times during the day that I just love but bath time is such a special time for me.

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cdnkaro said...

I always like assembly line (oops, I mean bath time) as well! Thanks for the shout-out!