Saturday, January 7, 2012

If you only knew...

Why do you fight so hard to stay awake?
If you only knew how precious sleep really is you would never fight it! If you only knew how when you get older you'll crave it, wish for it and hope to get some!
If you only knew that you are lucky to fall asleep whenever you want, wherever you want and most adults will think it's cute and let you sleep!
If you only knew that there was no need to fight so hard to stay awake, that all your toys and games will be here when you wake up!
If you only knew that it was for your best that we ask you to go to bed and that one day you would DREAM of someone "forcing" you to go to sleep.
If you only knew that you should sleep.
Maybe there is something you know that we don't, like the joy in staying awake just a bit longer to play, to read, to sing! 
Maybe if we only knew what you know...maybe.

Both Carebear and B-Man had trouble getting to sleep tonight. Both screamed, fussed, played, sang songs, and made noises. We spent a good chunk of time running from one room to the next trying to figure out what was wrong and what would make them feel better!

They both fought so hard tonight to stay awake, to play  just a bit longer. What I would give to sleep as well as they do, as long as they do, whenever THEY want to sleep!
I guess we all had our chance to sleep "like a baby" too bad we can't remember much of it!

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cdnkaro said...

Nights like these are brutal. I feel your pain! This was beautifully written...and so true!